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Garay and R. Downstream usage control. A card requirements language enabling privacy-preserving access control. Joshi and B. Unlinkable priced oblivious transfer with rechargeable wallets.

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Generalized key delegation for hierarchical identity-based encryption. Biskup, and J. Unrestricted aggregate signatures. Arge, C. Cachin, T. Jurdzinski, and A. James Birkett, Alexander W. Dent, Gregory Neven and Jacob C. Broadcasting messages. Signing protocol V1: - Achieved restricted usage of credential.

Verifying protocol V2: - Adapted from V1 and revocation request Tracing and Revocation protocol: - Tracing of the fraud vehicle - Revocation of the credential. Used domain pseudonyms for binding it to a time frame.

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Microsoft Research: Summer December 4 Wednesday. Fully anonymous attribute tokens from lattices. Privacy-preserving auditing for attribute-based credentials. Program

Generating tracing ID. Randomizing tracing ID during signing protocol. Contributed in detecting the fraud at the receiver side.

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Morrissey and N. Teranishi, J. Furukawa, and K. Commitment schemes and zero-knowledge protocols, , I. Anna Lysyanskaya.

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Anna Lysyanskaya. Submitted to Anna Lysyans k aya In this thesis, we study both the uses that signature schemes find in protocols, and. cс Anna Lysyanskaya, MCMXCIX. All rights reserved. paper and electronic copies of this thesis document in whole or in part, and to grant others the right to do.

Bart Preneel. Smart card integration in the pseudonym system idemix, Luuk Danes, Master Thesis 18 December , University of Groningen, faculty of mathematics and natural sciences. In this thesis, we study both the uses that signature schemes find in protocols, and the design of signature schemes suitable for a broad range of applications. An important application of digital signature schemes is an anonymous credential system. View PDF. Save to Library. Create Alert. Share This Paper. Figures and Topics from this paper.