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Photo essay: Explore the beauty of Colorado’s Continental Divide wilderness Located at 8, feet in Evergreen, Colorado, the cold and windy site conditions challenge high performance home construction, but according to preliminary HERS reports, the home will achieve a HERS zero - or lower! Ecofutures Building specializes in design and construction of healthy, beautiful, and comfortable, zero-energy homes.

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Orientation, conservation, lighting efficiency, geothermal, energy reuse and energy storage techniques are used to enable the building to generate enough renewable power to meet its energy demands. In order to reach the goal of near-zero energy, PV panels must be used to offset some of the home's electricity consumption.

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But because PV systems are expensive, it is imperative to first build a super-energy-efficient home. This reduces the amount of electricity needed, which in turn makes it possible to install a smaller PV system.

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Near Zero Energy Homes incorporate super-energy-efficient building features and a properly sized PV system. Some of those super efficient features are described below.

Online source Zero energy buildings - a good idea or over the cliff? Online source from on, all new homes in the UK will have to be zero-emission for heating, hot water, cooling, ventilation, and lighting In Search of the Zero-Energy Holy Grail Online source a Real-world yet hypothetical design problem in a tough climate challenges engineers to think about the measures necessary for reducing a building's environmental footprint; building's annual energy consumption.

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Lighting accounted for 35 percent, followed by office equipment at 23 percent, and cooling at 25 percent. Modeled the effect of cumulatively adding features such as underfloor air, a high-performance fa? After tallying the impact of these measures, energy use was significantly reduced but was still at 60 percent of an ASHRAE Initiated by BioRegional and designed and constructed by a team of the architect Bill Dunster, BioRegional, Peabody Trust and Arup, BedZED embraces all aspects of sustainable design with experimental homes, community facilities and workspace for people m2 of workspace and offers many eco-living amenities.

When it is completed, the 3 story, single-family home will be completely self-sufficient: consuming zero energy except for that which is generated on-site with solar panels and wind turbines. The building is to be fitted with solar panels on top.

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Boulder is different, has its own special brand How about a hot dog at Mustard's Last Stand? Fort Collins is lovely, lots of bikes on the street; You can fish in the Poudre; run a race with your feet. They romp and they stomp, while the fans loudly cheer Don't forget you'll need outdoor gear.

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Our Western Slope peaches are the best you will eat Juicy and ripe, it's hard to be neat! They taste just like sunshine, and everyone knows With fruit at its best, that's just how it goes.

Our I is crowded for sure, With visitors here, we have to endure. Play a game of the states you see on the plates It's nothing but fun, if you bring your best mates! You might see a pilot go up in a glider!

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Have you ever in your life seen anything finer? By then the days will get a bit short And often they'll end with a hat and coat!


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Finally, there's snow, on the mountains and prairie Falling so softly, so gently, so fairly. Snowflakes unique, like each of us here With skis, boots and poles, we have nothing to fear.

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And now, on a purely personal note, This is why Colorado gets my vote: My husband and I met here; we married soon after It's 30 years later, oh the fun and the laughter!