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Abstract 1 2. Introduction 1 3.

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Project 1: Data crunching using tableau 3 3. Project 2: Research on cloud computing risks and risk assessment frameworks 4 4. Abstract This report describes the activities and tasks carried out during a 10 - week, full-time internship at the American International Group AIG. The document contains information about AIG and the responsibilities performed. In the current decade, this has emerged as a resurgent sector in the Indian economy. While multinationals fill their innovation pipelines in North America, branded and generic producers alike are expanding their.

Both winners and losers had to resurrect and to rebuild their economies from the ruins of war.

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Development Financial Institurions DFI were set up in almost all the countries of the world and the models were suited to their economic, social and cultural values. Similarly in India there was scarcity of finance which was a big hurdle. MetLife, Inc.

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Finally, it conclude the advantages of securitization The name of the company was Oriental Life Insurance company which was established in the year of The Controller of Insurance had the powers to direct, advice, caution, investigate, inspect, search, seize, amalgamate, authorize, register and liquidate insurance companies. Privatized Banking - Have you ever just calculated how much of your money goes into interest or fees that are acquired from borrowing money from banks each year. Hi Dharmendra, you can get the IT syllabus in the above mentioned article itself. Where did it go wrong.

It started in by several business men from New York. MetLife officially began its business in It consisted of six employees in an.

Life Insurance Corporation in India (LIC) | Essay

Home Page Research project report on life insurance corporation of india. General Insurance Corporation GIC which was the holding company of the four public sector general insurance companies has since been delinked from the later and has been approved as the "Indian Reinsurer" since 3rd November All the five entities are Government companies registered under the Companies Act. The general insurance business has grown in spread and volume after nationalisation. The four companies have branch offices, divisional offices and 92 regional offices spread all over the country.

It can grow at a faster speed, if the organizational and operational efficiency of the LIC can be improved and there is a lot of scope for it , new kinds of insurance covers introduced, its services extended to smaller places, the message of life insurance made more popular, and the general price level is kept stable, so that the insuring public does not get cheated of a large chunk of the real value of its long-term savings through inflation. The importance of the LIC as a capital-market or term-financing institution is very high.

see The annual net accrual o investible funds from life business after meeting all kinds of payments liabilities to policyholders and net income from its vast investment are quite large. Equally, its size of the investment portfolio outstanding is also very large.

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At the end of March this was about Rs. In , it had invested more than Rs.

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Besides it had sanctioned and disbursed financial assistance to the corporate sector amounting to Rs. Like banks, the LIC also is a captive investor in government bonds.

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Besides, it has to invest in debentures of co-operative land development banks, and give loans to approved authorities like state governments and electricity boards for such social schemes as housing, water supply, electricity, etc. These investments and loans should add up to at least Only the remaining The loans for housing and investments in the share capital and bonds of other financial institutions, especially land development banks go, in the main, to the private sector.

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Essay on the Life Insurance Corporation in India (LIC)!. The LIC was established in by nationalising all the life insurance companies operating in India. The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is the largest life insurance company in India and also the country's largest investor. It is fully owned by the.

The LIC funds are made available directly to the private sector through investment in shares and debentures and loans. The largest amount is invested in equity shares, followed by preference shares and then debentures.

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Now other financial institutions led by the IDBI have also become very important. Underwriting of new issues by the LIC is usually done with the objective of purchasing the issue for its own portfolio and not for le to the public. The LIC is a very powerful factor in the securities market in large and medium-sized non-financial companies and is significant in size. In a great many individual companies its equity shareholding is sizeable, going up to 30 per cent.