Mike robertson and spondylothesis

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Static stability is how our joints provide stability using the capsule, ligaments, and bony anatomy. Dynamic stability is how our body uses the muscles and neuromuscular control to produce stability. Through years of abuse and poor posture, our body finds a way to accomplish our daily tasks by compensating.

This often means our dynamic stability is compromised and our static stabilizes take some abuse. That is when we see pathology. Understanding Functional Stability Training is essentially understanding the true role of the musculature. This is something we touch upon in the FST program:. There is a huge trend in our industries now to assess and correct movement dysfunctions. We have gotten great at working on mobility issues but I still personally think we all have room for improvement in our understanding of how to maximize stability.

A good example of this is to train the hips to extend while the core maintains lumbar spine stability. I talked about this in a recent post on my website discussing advanced glute bridge progressions.

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CF: Thank you for the kind words Mike, but I must admit, that my physique Spondylolisthesis is a spinal instability condition that affects the. This week I got a chance to chat with Eric Cressey and Mike Reinold, . I see a lot of spondylolysis (vertebral fracture) and spondylolisthesis.

By advancing a standard glute exercise bridge you can promote both anti-extension of the spine and rotary stability. This is functional stability training. Everyone talks about mobility and seems to intuitively know that mobility is important. Why do you think people fail to recognize the need for stability? In other words, is it truly short or is it just stiff? If a tissue is truly short as you might see after a post-operative immobilization period , you need to get cracking on longer-duration stretching and manual therapy.

As proof, just look at some of the brightest physical therapists at the forefront of the industry. Most of their teachings are heavily geared toward stabilization exercises. These practices transiently increase range of motion so that we can build stability within new postures. Mike, something that discussed in the first lecture really stuck with me.

You talk about the components of dynamic stability, with one of those being dynamic ligament tension.

August 16, 2007

MR: When dynamic ligament tension was first described, it simply applied to how the connective tissue of muscles around a joint often blends into the capsular tissue. Good examples of this are how the rotator cuff muscles blend into the glenohumeral joint capsule, and how the quadriceps blends into the retinaculum tissue of the knee. Studies have shown that contraction of these muscles produces stiffness, of stability of the capsular tissue and joint.

This is a huge component of what we try to achieve when we train the musculature to stabilize a joint. As our understanding of the fascial system continues to evolve, I think the concept of dynamic ligament tension can also be applied here as well. Through fascial connections through the body, muscle contraction can cause stability in other places throughout the kinetic chain. Our job is to maximize this potential. Another cue that I really liked was when you were discussing the plank.

What do you hope to accomplish by doing this? It is very rare that I see someone do this and actually perform a plank without being in a flexed hip position.

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