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However, to claim this is to misunderstand the theory of the Big Bang. The Big Bang did not occur within the space-time continuum; the continuum was created from the Big Bang. It therefore does not need to rely on the regular cause and effect model of the universe.

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A second criticism against the cosmological argument directly is that it relies on the claim that the universe itself must have a cause. The argument that the universe cannot be infinite is that, if it were so, it would be impossible to reach the present moment from the beginning.

Moral Arguments for the Existence of God

Since we have arrived at the present moment, the universe cannot be infinite. However, Mackie argues that this representation of infinity is misleading. A true representation of infinity would not include a starting point. Mackie argues that to truly understand infinity is to know that from any past cause, no matter how far back the cause, there will be a finite number of links in the chain of causality to the present moment. Therefore, even in an infinite chain of causality, it is possible to reach the present moment Mackie, As has been seen, the teleological argument and the cosmological argument both necessitate the existence of an ontological being.

An ontological being is one which cannot but exist.

The ontological argument claims that, simply in virtue of the concept of God, God must exist. That is, if we can conceive of the concept of God, without any contradiction, by the fact that it is possible, it must be true. The classical version of this argument is put forward by Anselm. By this definition, Anselm claims that God now cannot be conceived not to exist Anselm, chapter 3. This is because if we conceive of God with all his qualities, including omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence , and then believe God not to exist, we are not in fact conceiving of God, as a being greater than this one of which we conceived could be conceived: one which existed.

Whichever being is greater of the two, and Anselm claims the one which exists would be greater, must therefore be God Anselm, chapter 3. However, included within this, Descartes claims that there is also the perfection of existence Descartes, If we conceived God to be without the perfection of existence, we would not actually be conceiving of God. Therefore, to conceive of the perfect being necessitates its existence, and God must exist.

A criticism is put against this by Kant. That is, he holds that stating that something exists cannot make a concept greater. In order that a concept may be made greater by a predicate in relation to the concept as a subject , the predicate must be something which, were it to be removed from the subject, would create a contradiction. Existence, however, is not a determining predicate. Kant claims, even, that it is not a predicate at all.

Therefore, there is no reason to suppose that a being greater than which none can be conceived must necessarily exist. This is because there it is not necessary that there must be an actual occurrence of the greatest being in order that it is the greatest being. Therefore, the classic ontological argument fails. There have been more recent applications of the ontological argument. Platinga aimed to show that, by the possibility of certain concepts, God must exist.

These two concepts are maximal excellence and maximal greatness.

The Existence Of God : God

That is, all the concepts one attributes to God. We have the Word of God to present the truth to those who walk in darkness, so that they too may be set free. But often in our materialistic, skeptic modern world it is difficult to preach the gospel to those who are blinded by pride of intellect or resistance to a change of heart. Many people honestly do not believe in a God, and will of course reject Sacred Scripture and Church Tradition.

All Christians should be well versed in the teachings of Christ and his Church, but it also helps to be familiar with the theological and philosophical writings of members of the Church.

Reasons people choose atheism

Many of the treatises of theologians and Christian philosophers can shed much light on the existence of God, the problem of evil and other objections raised by modern unbelievers. A brief philosophical introduction to intellectual arguments regarding the existence of God can help in disseminating the truth and presenting Christianity as a rational religion and way of life to others.

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These proofs have been endlessly debated over the centuries between various philosophers and theologians. I will present these classic proofs and leave it to the reader to judge their accuracy and logical cohesion. This philosophical argument is perhaps the strangest and most hotly debated of the proofs. The argument has attracted the attentions of such notable philosophers as Immanuel Kant who attacked St.

The proof is most notable because it alone claims to prove the existence of God by relying independently on human reason without the need for perception or evidence. The proof itself relies on the defined concept of God as a perfect being. This means that the concept of God resides as an idea in our minds. God is a possible being, and might exist in reality. He is possible because the concept of God does not bear internal contradictions.

The Teleological Argument

These beliefs are strongly held because they enable human beings to cope with some of their most basic fears. They're just accidental by-products of nature which have evolved relatively recently on an infinitesimal speck of dust lost somewhere in a hostile and mindless universe and which are doomed to perish individually and collectively in a relatively short time. See also: Has Science Found God? It is logically possible that there is no omnipotent being. Buy Now.

If something exists exclusively in our understanding and might have existed in reality then it might have been greater. This simply means that something that exists in reality is perfect or great. Something that is only a concept in our minds could be greater by actually existing. Suppose theoretically that God only exists in our understanding and not in reality. If this were true, then it would be possible for God to be greater then he is follows from premise 3.

This would mean that God is a being in which a greater is possible. This is absurd because God, a being in which none greater is possible, is a being in which a greater is possible.

Existence of God

Herein lies the contradiction. Thus it follows that it is false for God to only exist in our understanding. Hence God exists in reality as well as our understanding. Study the above proof carefully. It is an intriguing proof because it states that God, a perfect being, must exist in all possible circumstances in order to satisfy the definition of his perfection.

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A God that can exist in only some circumstances, but fails to exist in others is a less than perfect being. The great Catholic thinker, philosopher and theologian St. Additionally, the world is a complex and sometimes enigmatic system of elements which work together to sustain life in a way that some argue is unlikely to have occurred by pure chance alone. Therefore, some philosophers credit a divine being as the source of this order and purpose in the universe. The Argument for the Existence of God It is an undisputed fact that some people claim to have experienced God.

It is these religious experiences that have been used by philosophers to argue for the existence of God. The main way of expressing the argument from religious experience is as follows: P1 Someone experiences an entity C1 The entity exists P2 Someone has experienced God C2 God exists Those who champion the argument seek to differentiate ordinary.

My paper scrutinizes numerous logical disputes for and alongside the presence of God.

Eight Reasons in Support of God’s Existence

times, the existence of God. Each philosopher has a varyingly different theory on how whether in fact God does exist, or that he does not exist. Evidently, God's. It is of course possible that an argument for God's existence could . of a moral argument for God's existence in recent philosophy is found in David and Other Philosophical Essays on God, Freedom, and Immortality, New.

It is grounded on the views of certain great philosophers and scientists of all of mankind. During the course. Discussion of the Existence of God There is a lot of argument about does God exist or not exist. It was long time every person wanted to prove the existence of God. Some people argued that God exist and proved by many philosophical theories or scientific basics and religion reasons.

On the other hand, other people do not believe in God existence and they have based their proven by many theories and scientific points. Many people have tried to prove God's existence with rational.