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SoA Senior Thesis Research: Literature Review

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What is a literature review?

Review of Related Literature-Thesis Guide 1. Rachel E. Two ways of looking at the RRL - from the point of view of the researcher - from the point of view of the reader 5. Other domains: edu - Educational institutions org - Organizations private mil - Military com - commercial business net - network organizations org — non-profit organization The sky is NOT the limit. Some examples: An analysis of foreign news content in local primetime news programs.

The text of the review should be brief and to the point. Have a plan on how you are to present the review. This will ensure coherence and unity of ideas presented. The problem you are going to work on can serve as your outline for discussion of related literature and studies that are relevant to your proposed research. Critically review and discuss the literature in relation to your research work.

Chronological Literature and studies are presented according to the year they were written. Sample outline: A.

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Introduction B. Synthesis of the review Thematic Literature and studies with the same findings are grouped together.

Studies on independent variable C. Studies on major dependent variables D. Foreign studies C.

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Local studies D. Research and Public Management. Creswell, John Research Design: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches. Sage Publications: California. Hart, C. Doing a literature review: Releasing the social science research imagination. London,UK: Sage Publications. It has also untimely and inefficient report generation. The proponents developed a network based system enrollment system to the said school to solve the huge amount of task.

Due to increasing population of the institution, and the school currently implementing the manual system, every student spends a lot of time during enrollment period, such as paying their tuition fees and processing the school requirements.

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Valina et. This System was made to lessen the time and effort exerted by both student and school employees. It is also made to give accurate reports and keep records of every students every students and for easy and fast way of enrollment. With the advancement of technology, devices and machines were improve , developed and inverted to cope up with the need of new world. There are different systems designed for reliable, efficient and very useful to the user. Cabang et al. Cura et al. The basic feature of this study is after the storage and access of retrieving and updating the data. Alcaira , stated that the using of computer are continue to grow, the need for a more timely information and data processing comes on demand keeping the record of any manual operations need the application, because handling it manually will only be conflicting.

Aravia et al.

The significance of the study revolves the automation of student permanent record keeping. Garnace , developed application software for the computerized information system of a commercial piggery using the concept of the database and implemented it in database. Automation Enrollment System Gumitao , system is designed to provide reports of the list of enrollment per school year, periodical grade of students, and list of new, old and transferees Revalla created an Automation Enrollment System for the computer Science Department of the Laguna College business and Arts.

The study was conceived because of the need to update the current registration system of LCBA, which is done manually. Her study, was based on the special problem of Mr. Bonifacio E. Bacani, Jr. Kampitan developed an Enrollment System of Liceo De Victoria that is designed to keep the students records. Earlier, Encila Introduced the Enrollment System for the computer Science Department of LCBA and traders, designed of enrollment System is advantageous to the school because it speed up the process and with only a minimum amount of power and resources.

Solomon , developed Enrollment and Record keeping System, to know how to read sign the data that is used to be kept the record files of students and also that, it could be mange more efficiently in computer with his project. Quiver , developed a program using database III which capable of retrieving, access in manipulating of data in easy way. A computerized system to minimized the lost of record and burden of work was designed by Pajarillo in Monsalve and Ilagan , developed a program and designed using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.

The system is capable of receiving access, searching items, providing adequate information and data gathering. This conducted system goes along the trend of computerization to be in the field of competitiveness and survive to the complicated works. Relayo this study will assist the researcher regarding to the use of database and Visual Basic.

This system have been designed in order to speed up the access and retrieval information and to lessen manual effort involve in the library routine of transaction.

Writing the Literature Review (Part One): Step-by-Step Tutorial for Graduate Students

The numerous transactions that the manual system covers, such as updating and adding student records, generating the advising and assessment slips, and the like considering the manual operating system to be inefficient for the need of the institution. Since the study involves proper record handling, tracing the constraints and evaluation of the manual system is essential Bacala and Reano, In educational institutions like Harvent School in Dagupan City, Composed of elementary and high school level.

The school puts premium to its registration. The enrollment process is the initial stage in gathering bonafide fide and accurate student information necessary to establish student permanent records. A registration and billing system is needed by the institution to address the stated situation. The system allows students to choose courses they want to take with the available class schedules.

This allows students to make up their time schedules for different class courses without time schedule conflicts. After the allotted enrollment period, the system runs and assigns slots to students. With the Online Registration System, students could log in, check their schedule, and set desired changes and pay online without having to stand in a line and rushing to meet deadlines to accomplish all the transactions required for enrollment Ella, The Online Registration System is a method designed to perform the process involved in registration, advising, assessments, and payments of students as well as scheduling of classes in any educational institution.

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According to Aquino , importance of computer application is increasing day by day. In the latest decades of the millennium winning organizations are those which are willing to integrate business strategy and information technology in plying their respective trades. Schools use information systems in the way of implementing an enrollment system. This results for them to attract enrollees and earn an income. Enrollees are attracted because the use of the said system makes the transactions faster and easier. Alcuaz stated that the use of computer can give competitive advantage and improve profitability.

Literature review

Computer helps to increase the productivity of people. This is true whether they are working alone or working with others within a formal organization such as business corporations. Enrollment is very useful in retrieving vital information of the students. Without it can lead difficulty both for the administration of school and student in enrollment processes Many countries today, especially the developing nations are challenged by the rapid technological changes.

This has radically changed the living and working styles of the entire society. This transformation has been driven partly by rapid technological innovation. While in the 20th century, people saw the rise of the industrial revolution with steam-powered machines intensifying and expanding human productive power, the 21st century was characterized by the birth of machine-powered flight and the emergence of broadcasting and computer technologies that extend the reach of human creativity even more and made new ways possible by which humans could live and work together Tinio, The transformation of manual enrollment transaction to automate and now into a web-based automation is one example of what was driven partly by the rapid technological innovation.

Any ways just to make work easier and faster like enrollment transactions is possible with the emergence of computer technologies. Web applications are popular due to ubiquity of its applications. The ability to update and maintain web applications without distributing and installing software on potentially thousands of client computers are key reasons for its popularity.

This includes standardized modules for student registration, enrollment, grade management, and other modules that are deemed necessary to operate a school.

Purposes of the Review

This System was made to lessen the time and effort exerted by both student and school employees. For example:. Gold Chager et al said that computer as a device for processing information knew computer plays a significant role in their lives, but few are aware of just how pervasive role is. There is nothing worse than submitting a thesis literature review that is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. Stand-alone literature review If you are writing a stand-alone paper, give some background on the topic and its importance, discuss the scope of the literature you will review for example, the time period of your sources , and state your objective. Dzubeck, Frank, Inspired by the advancement of modern technology and the problems regarding enrollment transactions the proponents have come up with an online enrollment system exclusively for school with many enrollees.

Chapter II. According to Jennifer Rowley , information systems are a tool to support information management.