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Increasing enrollment compels universities to relax their admissions criteria. Lowering admissions requirements and standards to admit more and more students is no more than a compromise on the standard and quality education.

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Similarly, a considerable number of universities have also increased tuition fee from fall semester. Increasing tuition fee shows government attempt to make education a private good in the public sector universities. Increased tuition fee will shut the door of higher education to students from low and middle income families. Many universities have increased the faculty teaching load without bothering about its impact on the quality of teaching and learning.

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The authorities should not shut their eyes to the fact that increase in enrollment without a commensurate increase in qualified faculty is causing a deterioration in the quality of teaching and learning. The increased enrollment and teaching load seriously questions the very aim of higher education and quality teaching-leaning as majority of the qualified faculty members are heavily into administration tasks i. D students. In a nut shell, all these measures adopted by universities to meet their financial needs are increasing the strain on faculty and students. The increase in enrollment and teaching load places heavy burden on the teachers how to manage the quality in their teaching and fulfill their research missions.

I think we should keep the enrollment in line with the capacities of our universities. Do more with less will, in fact, further deteriorate the existing deteriorated standards of higher education.

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I think the authorities are not addressing the underlying problem but are trying to throw ash in public eyes. There is no doubt in accepting the fact that there has been an erosion of the public mission of higher education in this country. Universities have become divorced from their missions outlined by HEC. The agency accompanies and monitors the scholarship recipients by:. If your institute wishes to receive a Master's or Doctoral student, or to offer thesis subjects to recipients of these scholarship programmes, please visit this page for all of the information.

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HEC Pakistan. Calls for applications. Grants and financial aid. A political desire to open up to the world. Managing Pakistani scholarship programmes. Three scholarship programs. The Ms leading to PhD programme - from the Master's to the Doctorate Managed by Campus France since , the Ms leading to PhD cross-disciplinary scholarship programme has enabled the integration of approximately Pakistani scholarship recipients in French educational institutes. The engineering programme: scientific excellence The engineering programme is dedicated to the engineering sciences and involves Masters 2, Doctorates and engineering degrees.

A political desire to open up to the world

The Balochistan programme for a disadvantaged province The biggest, but also economically the poorest, region in Pakistan, Balochistan benefits from special support structure. Campus France's reception of and support for scholarship recipients.

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